Video Find: Hot Rod Drag Week 2012 Behind The Scenes

Three weeks ago, we brought you one angle of the story of Hot Rod Drag Week, focusing on the top contenders and fastest cars. Although the fastest cars get the most attention, there are dozens of other competitors that had to contend with mechanical problems both at the track and on the road, and some Drag Week participants that were out of the running before the racing had really even started. Roadkill Hosts David Freiburger and Mike Finnegan give us a glimpse at the less-glamorous side of the week with all the sleepless nights, breakdowns and headaches the competitors have to deal with.

It was clear early on that the battle for the top spot would be between Jeff Lutz in his 1957 Chevy Bel-Air and four-time Drag Week champ Larry Larson in his 1966 Chevy Nova, but dozens of other competitors driving cars from an twin-turbo LSX-powered Ford Pinto, an 8-second Ford Fairmont wagon, and several turbocharged and naturally-aspirated Chevy Camaros made an appearance at Drag Week, making for a interesting week for competitors and spectators alike.

Through broken rockers, busted shocks, blown rear ends and overheated engines, just a handful of competitors made it to the end. Watch this week’s episode of Roadkill for the full Drag Week experience. Stay tuned to the Motor Trend channel for the latest in original automotive enthusiast programming.

By Edward A. Sanchez