2013 Lincoln MKZ

It’s easy to snooze through new car sales each month with a few inevitabilities, right? The Ford F-Series will always be the best-selling pickup. The Toyota Camry will always be the best-selling midsizer, unless the Accord trades spots with it like it does so often.

Except that neither the Accord nor the Camry won the sales race this month. The Ford’s another story.

March had a few interesting stories that should only intensify as we head into the warm months.

Nissan Tops Toyota and Honda for March Midsize Sales Crown

2013 Nissan Altima passengers side front three quarters 1024x640 image

There was a 0.3-percent difference separating the sales between the 2013 Nissan Altima and 2013 Toyota Camry. That’s just 100 cars. We’re not going to ask what kind of pact with the devil Nissan made to catapult itself to above the perennial leaders, but whatever it did worked. When we drove the top five sellers in the class for a comparison, we had no doubt the 2013 Altima was a capable handler, but we questioned its interior quality and refinement. In the eyes of the 37,763 people who bought them, it must have been just what the doctor ordered.