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It seems full-size sedans are popular again. Toyota just relaunched its Avalon, Chevrolet is introducing the 2014 Impala this month, and Kia has its 2014 Cadenza in the works. All of a sudden full-size sedans have become a way to get into a premium car without paying extra for a badge. Most still carry prices in the high-20s all the way into the $40,000 range. Here’s how they performed last month, with some commentary:

1) Chevrolet Impala (14,766): Note that this is the old Impala, not the new one shown above. It’s a fleet queen. GM says that the new car will likely sell for a year what the current car does in four months. But it will be a much better car.

2) Dodge Charger (9,386): It commands a healthy number of fleet sales, especially to police forces. Don’t expect that number to go down when the current Impala is discontinued after next year.

3) Ford Taurus (7,929): Bigger outside than it is inside (and disappointingly so), the Taurus sales here include Interceptor sedan sales, which Ford insists shouldn’t be the case. But it is.

4) Toyota Avalon (6,982): Perhaps our favorite full-size sedan on sale today, the Toyota Avalon is a cheaper, better Lexus ES. How’s that even possible?

5) Nissan Maxima (6,088): One of the oldest full-sizers on the list, the Maxima is close to its sell-by date and should be getting replaced in the near future.

6) Chrysler 300 (5,686): This one is bordering on a full-fledged luxury car, but Chrysler sells enough low-end models to fleets to make it miss that cut.

7) Hyundai Azera (1,117): New for 2012, the Azera is up a staggering 1,604 percent on the year. Bold, beautiful, and available with a ton of tech gadgets, we can only figure up was the only way it had to go.

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By Jacob Brown