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Your Say: Top 10 New Car Headlight Designs

We’ve seen plenty of aftermarket headlight replacements, but nothing can top a solid, OEM headlight design. Headlight technology has progressed rapidly, with HID and LED options vastly increasing possibilities for designers, and since headlights are such an important part of a car’s styling, we’re highlighting some well-executed examples in this post. In a recent Thread of ...

Top 6 Coolest Coupes from the 2013 Model Year

As cool as some sedans, wagons, trucks, and SUVs can be, nothing is cooler than a good old-fashioned two-door coupe. Coupes are often more striking in design, and often pack much more performance under the hood than their four-door counterparts. To celebrate coupes of all price ranges, we’ve compiled this list of our six favorite ...

Your Say: Top 10 New Car Taillight Designs

Just before the aftermarket headlight craze began, tuners often swapped original automaker-installed taillights with custom replacement units. Automakers caught on to the trend, with the Lexus IS 300 one of the first new cars designed with taillights featuring an eye-catching modified appearance. Now, LED lighting technology allows designers more room to experiment with new shapes, ...