Stud: Lincoln MKC Concept

Lincoln MKC Concept front three quarter 2 image

There were a lot of jokes going around before the Detroit show about the “Lincoln Escape” that was set to debut. And, yes, the Lincoln MKC Crossover Concept does owe its roots to Ford’s compact crossover. But that’s beside the point. Lots of manufacturers share components between vehicles: for example, the $50,000 Acura RLX is directly related to the $23,000 Honda Accord, and there’s a lot more Volkswagen Golf under the skin of an Audi TT than you may realize. The question is whether the MKC distinguishes itself from its humble origins, and it clearly does. The styling is elegant, classy, and right. The interior is tasteful, looks expensive, and most importantly, looks like it’s ready to go into production right now. In fact, there’s very little on this concept that doesn’t look production ready. Our guess is that, like the MKZ Concept from last year, the MKC concept will make it to production virtually unscathed. No word on what’s under the hood, but Lincoln has a wide variety of Ford engines from which to choose. For now though, if this is the direction Lincoln’s taking, we like it.

By Automotive Staff