Dud: 2013 Mini Paceman JCW

2013 mini paceman jcw floor shot 02 image

Here’s how Mini introduces cars, for the uninitiated. Step 1: Introduce base model of car. Step 2: introduce faster, S version of that car. Step 3: Introduce even faster John Cooper Works edition. Step 4: Introduce a slight variation of the original car, and start the process over. Mini caught our attention early on as a clever and innovative brand, with a quirky sense of fun. The original Mini Cooper is still that car. Then came the Convertible, a drop-top version of that car. The Clubman–a bigger model–followed soon after, then the Coupe and Convertible, which are two-seat versions of the original Cooper. The Countryman is a four-door crossover with Mini looks; and the Paceman is a two-door version of that. Sure, the 2013 Mini Paceman JCW will probably have its fun points, but the one-trick-pony nature of the company hardly merits the full auto show dog-and-pony show. We just want Mini to do something truly different.

By Automotive Staff