2014 Chevrolet SS Holden SSV Front

Make no mistake: This is the 2014 Chevrolet SS. It simply has Holden badges on it instead of Chevrolet ones. But, and we’re quoting from the press release here, “Holden has taken the wraps off its stunning new performance sedan show car ahead of the VF Commodore’s international debut as the Chevrolet SS Sports Sedan in the USA this weekend.” We added the emphasis, but you merely need to swap out the Holden badges for Chevy bowties, and you have the Chevrolet SS Sports Sedan.

The new VF SS V show car adds its serious performance edge to the Luxury concept that was previewed earlier this week with the Holden VF Calais V. There will be a new range of technology firsts to be introduced by the Australian car, including Reverse Traffic Alert, Head-up Display, Blind Spot Alert, Forward Collision Alert, Lane Departure Warning, and Auto Park Assist. The VF Commodore is more refined than any car previously produced by Holden, as it still embodies the same design sophistication and attention to detail as the Calais V concept.

The Chevrolet SS boasts a sleek new interior design with upscale finishes of suede, galvano chrome, and accent stitching on the perforated gloss black leather. This premium-grade cabin has been detailed with motorsport-inspired touches. “When it came to our sport luxury range, we wanted to create an Australian performance car that would be at home just about anywhere in the world,” said Mike Devereux, chairman and managing director of Holden.

The SS V-Series had been designed for that maximum look-at-me impact, featuring a custom-finished pointer to the VF sports range, which will be launched later this year. The new show car has a more sculpted surfacing and bolder graphics, giving the SS V-Series Commodore a radically different design character, complementing the car proportion.

The concept is very close to the real deal, as it is the intended production design. With a dark-toned, subtle, and sophisticated design, the luxury sports car has bolstered sports-profile seats, with new instrument graphics that shine in the deep-cowled cluster housings.”We wanted to put something out there that made a bit of an impact, Said Peter Hughes, exterior design manager.

Source: General Motors

By Megan Stewart