GM, BMW Holiday Ads Feature High-Tech Elves, Fastest Christmas Song in the World

Automakers are starting to get into the holiday spirit — BMW and GM have both released their very own holiday-themed commercials a day after we featured Mercedes-Benz’s take on how to bake holiday cookies.

BMW and GM have very different approaches to their holiday commercials. BMW follows the same formula Mercedes used – a hot car lapping a race track while doing something vaguely holiday related. In this case, BMW grabs four members of a Swiss a cappella group and DTM driver Martin Tomczyk for a ride around a race track in a new BMW M135i. The group then begins singing Jingle Bells as Tomczyk drifts the hatchback around the track.

GM went for a more traditional approach with its holiday commercial in which robots and employees dressed as elves box and wrap up a toy Camaro. The box is then given to Santa Claus, who promptly gets into a 2012 Chevrolet Camaro SS 45th Anniversary Edition Convertible to deliver the gift.

Which holiday commercial did you like best? The one from BMW, GM, or Mercedes-Benz? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Source: BMW, GM via YouTube

By Christian Seabaugh