If you’re a mid-size pickup truck owner looking to replace your current model, General Motors may have something for you once again. According to the Detroit Free Press, the General has plans to launch a mid-size pickup truck for both the Chevrolet and GMC nameplates late next year. It appears that the General will be marketing the Chevrolet model to “lifestyle” owners while the GMC model will go to work for small business owners and fleet buyers. Mark Reuss, president of GM North America, is aiming to release the mid-size pickups around the same time crosstown rival Ford plans on launching the all-new 2015 F-150.

“We are going to have a midsize truck that we launch right down the alley,” Reuss said to the Detroit Free Press. “When they bring out their F-150, we are going to have something no-one else has.”

Expect the Chevy and GMC mid-size offerings to be bigger than the Toyota Tacoma, which is known as a compact pickup. The mid-size pickup truck market has been shrinking ever since GM and Ford killed off its respective offerings in 2011 and 2012. Chrysler Group also pulled the plug on the Ram Dakota back in August of 2011, but, like Ford, is quietly studying the market to see if a return is a good idea. If Chrysler Group does decide to push the Dakota back into action, it won’t be until 2016. There’s a reason why the Big Three decided to halt mid-size pickup truck production though as only 264,197 units combined were sold last year in the United States. When you compare that figure to the 1.94 million full-size trucks sold stateside in 2012, the reason behind the vanishing mid-size pickup segment is clear.

However, there are still those out there who want a truck to haul a few things here and there while still getting somewhat good fuel economy. Plus, these customers aren’t stepping up into the full-size offerings but are just looking elsewhere for what’s currently available.

“There is a buyer out there that doesn’t need everything that a full size truck does,” said Reuss speaking with the Detroit Free Press. “We are going at it with Chevrolet on a lifestyle basis that will be quite different than a Silverado and we are going to go at it with GMC with professional grade capability in a little bit smaller truck with all of the fuel efficiency and fuel economy.”

Source: The Detroit Free Press

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By Trevor Dorchies