2014 Chevrolet Corvette commercial

What do robotic dogs, alien spaceships, and jealous sepia-tinged neighbors have in common? They’re all featured in a new Chevrolet commercial called “Find New Roads Anthem.”

The new spot uses Chevrolet’s “Find New Roads” tagline, which replaces the long-running “Chevy Runs Deep.” The video shows a family ushering their daughter and robotic puppy into a Chevrolet Volt. Once inside, the iPad-toting daughters “swipes” between several different commercials for new Chevrolet products on her tablet computer. In one clip, fashionistas go shopping in brightly-colored Chevrolet Spark hatchbacks; another shows a Chevrolet Sonic that emulates skateboard tricks; a Chevrolet Impala clip lingers on the jealous stares of covetous neighbors; and the final segment shows a 2014 Chevrolet Corvette outrunning an alien spaceship on city streets.

The individual video segments are somewhat silly, and the iPad conceit seems unnecessary, but the “Find New Roads Anthem” spot does a good job of highlighting several new Chevrolet vehicles. Each of the smaller clips matches the personality of the car — the aggression of the Corvette, the fun of the brightly-painted Spark — and the overall blend shows the wide range of Chevrolet cars.

You can watch “Find New Roads Anthem” below.

Source: YouTube

By Jake Holmes