Your eyes doth not deceiveth you: That’s one ugly, over-styled custom 2013 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 you’re looking at. But at least it’s not the star of the upcoming Disney Pixar movie “Turbo.” That snail you see off to the left; he’s the star.

The upcoming movie “Turbo” is based around a snail whose ambitions lie in racing in the Indy 500. The thing is, he’s a snail, and snails aren’t particularly known for their speed. And then he runs into a drag-racing Camaro, getting sucked into its magical supercharger that protrudes way over its hood, and everything changes.

In promoting the film, General Motors has created a real-life replica of the car, one it hopes will inspire children who watch the movie to fall in love with the car and captivate adults to purchase a Camaro of their own. And because it’s a Pixar movie, you can almost be assured that it’s going to be a decent flick for kids and parents alike.

The Chevrolet Camaro has been traveling through the Indy Racing League and has been going to shows and events to promote the movie. “Turbo” follows up the success Pixar has had with other car-based movied like “Cars” and bug movies like “A Bug’s Life” and puts them into one movie. So far, Pixar has never made a bad movie, and we anticipate this one won’t be the first.

Check it out in theaters on July 17.

Source: Chevrolet

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