Chevrolet Offering NHRA-Approved Camaro Chassis

Drag racing enthusiasts are in for a treat: Chevrolet announced today that it will now offer a drag-race rolling Camaro chassis, complete with an NHRA-approved roll cage for just $55,000.

Sales of the new Camaro chassis begins later this week, on Thursday, and the $55,000 price tag includes an assembled body painted in summit white with Bogart racing wheels on Hoosier tires, a Camaro SS grille, production-spec head- and taillights, basic body and chassis wiring, and production-spec window glass. The cars also come with an NHRA-approved roll cage, safety equipment, suspension components, brakes, and solid rear axle.

Chevrolet will assemble the drag-race chassis at the same assembly facility that produces the COPO Camaro racecars.

“This is a great opportunity to buy a factory-built foundation for a competitive Camaro race car,” said Jim Campbell, the General Motors U.S. vice president of performance vehicles and motorsports, in a release. “[It will save] racers the time of building their own from the ground up and offering them the opportunity to compete with a piece of Chevrolet history.”

Source: Chevrolet

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By Donny Nordlicht