Between the global success of the Chevrolet Cruze and the poorly received “Chevy Runs Deep” tagline, Chevrolet will be aligning all of its marketing behind a new global campaign called “Find New Roads.” Looking at the big picture, Chevrolet says this new tagline will be used to create “one global vision” as it prepares to launch 20 new models this year worldwide, and the US market will be the first to see the new campaign sometime during the first quarter of this year.

More importantly, Chevy says that this tagline will be a crucial element in developing new products and technologies. We’ll wait to see if this means the US will be seeing more global products like we saw with the introduction of Ford’s One Ford plan, but Chevy’s spokesperson Christi Vazquez told us, “We have had success with global products like the Cruze and Sonic/Aveo and will continue to develop products with global markets in mind.”

Read more about the new tagline in the press release posted after the jump.

By Jeffrey N. Ross