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WOT Four Years Ago: 157-MPG Hungarian Hyper-Miler Uses Solar and Pedal Power, GM Postpones Big SUV Redesign

June 19, 2008 – Four years ago today, General Motors was worried about gas-guzzling SUVs, Suzuki celebrated one million sales of the Swift hatchback after just four years since a redesign, , Hungary-based Antro showed a 157-mpg hyper-miler, and Ferrari bought the ultimate driving simulator. Check out the stories WOT covered four years ago in ...

Thread of the Day: Name Your Favorite 1980s Rear-Drive Performance Car

The 1980s served as a transitional period for the automotive industry. Consumers were still recovering from the gas crisis of the previous decade and automakers were experimenting with new technologies to boost performance and improve fuel economy. Performance cars of the 1980s may not be looked at with the same fondness of the muscle cars ...