Archives for August 26th, 2013

Feature Flick: Coverage of Hot Rod Power Tour Starts This Week

If you’ve been a close follower of the domestic performance scene for the last few decades, chances are you’ve heard of the Hot Rod Power Tour, a multi-state, multi-stage event approaching its 20th anniversary. Although this year’s event wrapped up a few weeks ago, the Motor Trend channel will bring you a full week of ...

Chevrolet Announces 2014 Corvette Stingray’s Fuel Economy, Declares It Most Efficient Sports Car with 400-HP-Plus

In Chevrolet's announcement revealing EPA fuel-economy estimates for the 2014 Corvette, it rather boldly declares that the new Vette is the most efficient sports car packing more than 400 horsepower. Now, that might seem like Chevy's slicing things a bit thin, but the claim is impressive nonetheless. Indeed, with 455 horsepower on tap, the 2014 ...