Dud: 2014 Kia Soul

2014 Kia Soul front right view 1024x640 image

When the Kia Soul first came out several years ago, it was a groundbreaking vehicle for the brand. The funky styling and quirky marketing campaign–dancing hip-hop hamsters?–resonated, and the little Kia hatchback became the company’s bestseller. The second-generation 2014 Kia Soul is all new, but you’d never know it by looking, and we think that’s the problem. The reason the first Soul was so important for Kia, and why it sold so well, is because it wasn’t anything like any other Kia available at the time. It was new, hip, funky, and cool. The new one is…the same thing, just with improved engines and an admittedly better interior. We think the Soul should stay groundbreaking, and that by playing it safe, Kia is missing the very point it was trying to make with the original.

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